Nikki  Gijselhart

Nikki Gijselhart (1988) studied Art History with a Minor in Aesthetics at the University of Utrecht. After this theoretical foundation, she continued to study Fine Art at the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht). Today she lives and works in Berlin.

The work is influenced by the process of growth; such as the slow takeover of a fungus, the branching of a tree, or the lichen that covers it. Time is an important factor, as the big drawings are slowly built up by repetition, adding to the whole piece by piece. I like using the idea of fractals, irregular shapes that repeat in varying levels of magnification. This allows for an almost meditative process and harmonious compositions. There are no previously made designs or plans for the drawings. They simply grow until I run out of time or space. The process is as important as the finished work as I try not to force any ideas or thoughts regarding shape or composition into it, but rather let them grow for as long as I can.